Coach Authentication Service


  • Simple Real/Fake answer: £5
    • Use this service for authentication of a bag you own or for a bag you want to buy. No explanation will be given as to how the conclusion was made.
  • Elaborate explanation of fakes: £10
    • If your bag is deemed fake, you can choose to pay an additional £5 to get a detailed explanation of why this conclusion was made.
  • Signed written statement: £15
    • Use this service if you need a document showing that your item is fake – for example if you bought a counterfeit bag online and the seller is disputing your claim. You will receive your signed statement by email. 


  • Send an email to with the subject “Authentication Service” including pictures of your item and all the information you have about the bag. Please try to include pictures of the following:
    • All sides of the bag
    • The inside of the bag
    • Close ups of all logos, hardware, tags, stitching and any other small details.
    • Any tags, dustbags or accessories that come with the bag.
  • You must also provide your first and last name for your invoice.
  • If the item you wish to have authenticated is an item that you have not yet bought, all you have to send is the link to the listing of the bag.
  • If an authentication process is possible from the pictures and information you have sent, you will receive an email with an invoice for the authentication fee. Once the fee is paid, you will receive the result of the authentication process by email within 3 days.
  • Please note that if you do not provide enough pictures, or the pictures aren’t clear enough and we are not able to confidently do an authentication based on what you provided, you will receive an email stating the problem and urging you to send more or different pictures.
  • Should we be unable to authenticate a bag from your pictures or information provided, you will be informed of this and will not receive an invoice – no payment will be required.

PLEASE NOTE: The results of requested authentications are the professional opinions of the authentication team at Essex Fashion House.