Essex Fashion House
by Randi

Randi Gannon at Essex Fashion House - Versace, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Coach

Hi everyone, and welcome!

I was inspired to start Essex Fashion House, after having spent years building up my own bag collection. I always enjoyed having a rotating wardrobe and I would often sell a bag to buy another one, so I always had something new in the collection. Over the years, I built up lots of knowledge about different brands and experience in buying pre-loved bags and this inspired me to create my own online store. 

My goal is to make it easy for people around the world to buy and give new life to pre-loved luxury bags and accessories. I wanted Essex Fashion House to be a place where you can buy with confidence, and where you know exactly what you get. My blog and the Essex Fashion House YouTube channel provide you with helpful information about buying pre-loved designer items and feature pieces about your favorite brands and models. Keep an eye out for videos of the exact products for sale on the site to see the details and condition up close. I strive to always have interesting and rare models for sale and to keep the selection diverse and I am always adding new special pieces to the collection.

I have sold and sent beautiful luxury bags to people all over the world and absolutely love being able to make these special bags available to others and to help people find the bag of their dreams.

I hope you will enjoy browsing the Essex Fashion House site and maybe even find the next addition to your collection!