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Hi everyone! Welcome to Essex Fashion House and to the blog! I thought it would be a good idea to make the first blog post an introduction, and tell you a little bit about what Essex Fashion House is about and who I am. So here it is!

     My name is Randi and I live in Essex, in England, which is where the name of my store comes from. The first designer bag I ever got was a Coach Edie that my husband bought me for Christmas. I instantly fell in love with it and here we are, a few years later, and my handbags have a room of their own (that's normal, right?). I was inspired to open my own store after having spent years building my own bag collection and over time becoming more and more knowledgeable about brands and models, buying second hand, spotting fakes and finding those special bags that seem to be impossible to find. I decided that I wanted to make some of these rare bags available to people around the world who might not be as skilled in the online marketplace world or who don't feel confident buying second hand designer bags online. I mean, we've all heard the horror stories about the amount of fakes and cheap knock offs being sold as the real deal. A quick google search on the subject is enough to scare most people away from eBay and straight into the retail stores. But the retail luxury fashion stores aren't cheap, and what if your dream bag is that 2016 bag that was a limited edition and you missed out on it? This is where I come in!

     I thought, just listing luxury bags for sale isn't enough. I wanted Essex Fashion House to be a place where people can find the bag of their dreams and buy with confidence, knowing exactly what they are getting and that the item is genuine. So I always take the time to write detailed descriptions of each individual item and take plenty of pictures of the details up close. I also make videos of a lot of these bags which gives you an even better chance of seeing all the little details up close, and get a better feel of the bag. In my opinion, videos are the second best thing to seeing it in person and holding it in your own hands!

     On top of that, in order for people to know what they are looking at when browsing the pictures and videos, I will also be providing lots of good advice and information about what to look for when checking the authenticity of items from certain brands. Look out for authentication tips here in this blog and on the Essex Fashion House YouTube channel! There will also be plenty of reviews of specific models and brands, "what fits" videos and other helpful information. All videos are done by me, so if you want to see who is behind the Essex Fashion House name, all you have to do is watch one of my YouTube videos!

     I personally source and pick every single individual item that you see in the store. Some are brand new with tags, others are in excellent lightly used condition and some are well-loved with visible wear but still deserve to be loved and live out their lives being appreciated rather than sitting at the bottom of a closet. No matter what, you will know the exact condition of each item before you buy it. Every single item is carefully inspected, cleaned and authenticated before it is added to the store. There will be rare limited edition bags that you can't find anywhere else and there will be plenty of classics and newer models. Something for everyone! Sometimes, you might see the same model of a brand show up more than once, and other times, a bag sells and another one like it will never come back. Therefore, the collection is always changing and expanding and you never know what you will find there next week, or the week after that. That also means that if you see the luxury bag of your dreams in the store, you better act fast, as tomorrow it might not be there anymore!

     At first, the store will carry mainly Coach bags, including loads of Rogues (my all time favorite) and a few select Versace items, but in time, it will expand and include many more different brands and items. If you have a collection of luxury bags or accessories or individual items you would like to sell, have a look at the "Sell To Us" page here. I love buying from my customers as it provides the store with new exciting inventory, and it gives customers a quick sale without the hassle of listing on various reselling sites, waiting for each individual item to sell. Everybody wins!

     If you just like to browse beautiful bags and fashion, make sure to check out the Essex Fashion House Instagram account, which is also a good place to keep up with new items added to the store. And the YouTube channel is not only a place to learn, but also a place to dream about beautiful bags and to talk to like-minded fashion lovers so stop by and join the community!
     In the end, this store, the blog and the YouTube channel are all products of a genuine love for designer bags, brands and fashion. I hope that this website will be useful and maybe even help you find the bag of your dreams.

Thank you so much for visiting!

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  • Having been given by a friend my first Coach which was owned by one past long ago little did I know there were numbers of indication when made, however, have not found anything close to these numbers. Would you please verify authentic?

    No 0012-920 has – marks on top of each number.
    Thank You.


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