Coach 2021 Quarantine Haul - 15 Bags Including Some Rare Beauties

Picture this: You can’t leave your house, your internet connection is fast as ever and basically anything you want can be delivered straight to your door. How can you not go on an online shopping spree and find those must have bags for your incomplete handbag collection? I decided to spend my time quarantining looking for new goodies for Essex Fashion House and found some super cool classics and some rare pieces that hardly ever show up for sale. Check out these amazing Coach beauties that are now available in the Essex Fashion House store.

Coach Rogue 25

This beautiful classic Coach 1941 style is one that I just never get tired of. The Rogue 25 has a lovely size, looks super classy and comes in so many different versions with beautiful color and material combinations. I picked up quite a few in this haul! 

Coach Rogue 25 in dark denim navy blue handbag
Find this bag here

Coach rogue 25 in chalk pebble leather handbag
Find this bag here

Coach Rogue 25 in Signature Embossed Smooth Leather and Floral Bow lining - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here

Coach Rogue 25 Signature Embossed Smooth Leather with Floral Bow Lining - Essex Fashion HouseFind this bag here. 

Coach Rogue 25 in Melon with Snakeskin Handles - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here. 

Coach Rogue 25 Tea Rose in Midnight Navy - Essex Fashion House

Find this bag here

Coach Dinky with Beatnik Rivets and Fringe

Here is one of those super special bags that only seem to turn up once in a blue moon. The playful rivets on this Dinky gives it a both cute and edgy look and the fringe really makes this bag fun! The leather is soft as butter, the lining is beautiful suede and the detailing on this bag is just incredible.

Coach Dinky Beatnik Fringe Bag - Essex Fashion HouseFind this bag here.  

Coach Shuffle Sample Bag

Ok, by now some of you might be tired of hearing me talking about sample bags, so I’ll just leave you a link to my blog post about them here for those of you who don’t know what they are or why they are so special and then move on to talk about this amazing Coach Shuffle bag! If you know the Shuffle, you will probably notice straight away that this one looks a bit different. The Shuffle already stands out with its patchwork design often featuring many different colors and patterns at once, but this one has the addition of zipped pockets on each end. This cute little bag also happens to have the softest leather I have ever felt on a Coach bag. This bag was made in super small quantities and was not for sale in the store so you would be super lucky to ever come across one like this.

Coach Shuffle Sample Bag - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here.

Coach Rogue 39 Grey Sample bag

I was lucky enough to get another Coach sample bag in my haul and this time it is a Rogue 39 – one of the largest Rogue models. This one is beautiful grey pebble leather and features the inner pockets in the suede lining like you see on the latest Rogue models.

Coach Rogue 39 Sample Bag in Heather Grey - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here.

Coach Rogue 31

The classic Rogue 31 of course had to make an appearance as well so I got two grey ones for you this time around.

Coach Rogue 31 in Heather Grey Suede - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here.

Coach Rogue 31 in Quilted Nappa Leather With Chevrons & Studs - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here.

Coach Rogue tote

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more Rogues, here are two super lovely Rogue Totes. One is smooth black leather but the whipstitch handle brings it some real edge and the other features the beautiful Coach links in gorgeous burgundy on black. Both of these come with the small inner pouch, are in great condition and are just the most spacious bags. In my opinion these are great if you want a big bag, love the Rogue but want something lighter that will hold a lot.

Coach Rogue Tote with Links in Black & Burgundy - Essex Fashion House

Find this bag here

Coach Rogue Tote in Black Smooth Leather with Whipstitch Handle - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here

Coach Mini Bennett

I also picked up this adorable little Mini Bennett in Signature colorblock. This is such a cute and lightweight bag that holds a lot for its size. The color combination of this one is spot on in my opinion.

Coach Mini Bennett in Signature Colorblock - Essex Fashion House

Find this bag here.

Coach Rogue Satchel in Black with Patchwork Snakeskin Handles

Another bag that you don’t find just anywhere is the Coach Rogue Satchel with Patchwork Snakeskin handles. This bag is INCREDIBLE! You all know how much I love a Rogue, but I’m telling you, this one is to die for. The black leather is so rich and thick, the lining is all gorgeous suede and the red, white and black snakeskin on the handles just gives it the perfect pop of color and makes it really stand out in an edgy yet classy way.

Coach Rogue Satchel in Black Pebble Leather With Patchwork Snakeskin Handle - Essex Fashion House
Find this bag here

All of these bags are for sale in the Essex Fashion House shop now! Click the pictures or use the links to find them in the shop, see more pictures and make them yours. 

You can also have a look at all of them in this video: 

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